Έρευνες δείχνουν ότι ασθενείς που υπεβλήθησαν σε χειρουργική επέμβαση ολικής αρθροπλαστικής γόνατος (total knee replacement) βελτίωσαν τη βάδισή τους σε πολύ μεγαλύτερο βαθμό από εκείνους που επέλεξαν τη συντηρητική αγωγή.

Για τα καλύτερα αποτελέσματα και τη χρήση των πιο σύγχρονων μεθόδων, απευθυνθείτε στους καλύτερους.

Is the benefit of total knee replacement worth the postoperative pain and possible long-term complications? The results of a randomized trial are summarized in this short animated NEJM Quick Take video.

Total knee replacement is considered to be an effective treatment for end-stage knee osteoarthritis.1 The number of total knee replacements performed each year in the United States has increased dramatically, from 31.2 per 100,000 person-years during the period 1971–1976 to 220.9 during the period 2005–2008.2 In 2012, more than 670,000 total knee replacements were performed in the United States alone, with corresponding aggregate charges of $36.1 billion.3 The number of total knee replacements is expected to increase as the average age of the population increases,4 which highlights the associated future economic burden.